ISTC 2021

International Symposium on Topics in Coding 2021



Montréal’s airport (YUL), one of the busiest airport in Canada, is located towards the west side of the city. Direct flights are provided from most major cities of Europe, America, as well as some Asian cities.

The 747 is a dedicated bus line linking the airport to various stops in the city center. Fares are 10 $CA.

Traveling Requirements

All visitors to Canada must be able to provide:

Countries Requiring a VISA or an eTA

Travellers from many nationalities may visit Canada for up to 6 months without requiring a VISA. To figure out whether you need a VISA or not, please visit this website.

Since Nov. 2016, travellers who do not require a VISA still need to fill in an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA). Note that Canadian and U.S. citizens are exempt from this procedure.

VISA Application Process

Conference attendees requiring a VISA should apply for the ordinary tourist visitor VISA. If an invitation letter is required, please make your request at Make sure to include your fullname (as shown on your passport), passport number and expiration date, as well as your regular mail address.

The online VISA application website can be found here.